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Homeowners in California have some unique problems, but energy efficiency is something that roofing can improve anywhere. Sometimes, a change as simple as the color of the shingles installed on a house can drastically reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling. In California specifically, this is the kind of change that can take a bite out of utility bills, lower pollution and improve property value.

California homeowners pay for their electricity use based on not only how much energy they're using but also when they use it. This is why two people can have the exact same usage in a month, but the amounts they pay can be significantly different. There are a few effective ways to combat peak demand usage. Roofing choices can play a major role.

For instance, manufacturers like GAF are already making products to keep roofs cool. Davis roofing companies can install specially designed shingles that reflect the sun and reduce heat. There are also roof coatings that have a similar effect. By themselves, these products lower the need for air conditioning during peak hours, but combined with improved insulation and smart controls for appliances and HVAC systems, they really pack a punch.

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In addition, a relatively new technique for lowering roof temperatures and reflecting heat has been gaining in popularity. It's a simple change, but one that may alter the residential landscape in California and other areas. Homeowners who are serious about cutting their electricity costs are making the switch to white colored shingles.

The US Department of Energy calls these "cool roofs," and promotes them as a means for lowering home temperatures. They claim white roofs can be 50 degrees cooler than a traditional roof at peak periods. No doubt, this has a powerful impact on interior temperatures, AC demand and overall costs. The DOE's Cool Roof Calculator can help determine the savings of installing white shingles for those interested.

Cool roofs have the potential to help entire neighborhoods as lowering the temperature of one house also impacts the temperature of surrounding structures. Homeowners may be able to contract for roofing work together in order to garner lower installation prices. This way, they'd reap the rewards of heading in a cooler direction.

Finally, these and other types of green features have a positive impact on property value. Those getting ready to sell their homes will be happy to take advantage of the 2 to 7 percent increase in price garnered from eco friendly enhancements. Homeowners can reduce their costs, reduce their pollution and increase their home value in a few ways just by changing their roofs.

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