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Generally speaking, asphalt roofing is not designed to be walked upon by anyone. Some of the most basic reasons for this are due to granular degradation, tearing, cracking, loosening of the shingles and more. Every so often, though, inspection or repair will require roof access. Only a Davis roofing professional should attempt to walk on the roof. The homeowner has a right to discuss the way with which this roofing professional intends to access the roof. Knowing some of the more acceptable methods in the industry is helpful.

The roof inspection is done largely in the attic area, but it sometimes requires access to the roof itself. Unfortunately, sometimes just inspecting the roof can cause added damage. A homeowner should never be hesitant to discuss their concerns or apprehension about roof access. There are a few questions to ask initially to help ease the mind. First, ask about what type of shoe the individual accessing the roof will be wearing. The way the roofer steps is most important, but the tread of the shoe will determine how much stress and strain will be put upon the shingle, in addition to the removal of granules.

Roofing contractors will often use a lightweight shoe suitable for working out or playing sports. Heavy shoes put more force upon the shingle and naturally pull them down. Boots should never be worn on the roof as a result.

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Understandably, accessing the roof is dangerous as it is, so wearing a shoe that provides traction is important for safety, but the weight is very crucial.

Safety is key at all times as, each year, many people are injured falling off roofs. Professional roofing contractors will keep safety as their number one priority when accessing a roof. Only when access is safe and easy should anyone enter the roof. If the roof is covered in ice or snow, access should be avoided completely. Additionally, if it is determined that there is rot to any part of the roof or it is not structurally stable, the roof should not be accessed. This is to prevent physical injury and further damage to the structure.

Asking the roofer about how they will walk on the roof is also important. They should be more than willing to discuss their process for walking on the roof and appreciate that the homeowner is so concerned. Usually, a lighter step with weight shifted forward to the ball of the foot is acceptable. This varies, but the importance is on less twisting of the foot. The more twisting that occurs, there is added tearing of granules and shingles. There should be no dragging of the foot, and the step should be more like a tip toe.

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