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Since asphalt roofing accounts for 75 out of every 100 homes, there are definitely numerous options on the market for asphalt materials. Advances in asphalt materials have been made over time to improve materials, making them more durable and available in multiple colors, textures and styles. When discussing asphalt shingles, two major types of shingle are available: fiberglass and organic. They are quite similar, with the largest differences in the mat.

Fiberglass and organic shingles are both very affordable, and discussing cost and further options with a Davis roofing contractor is the best first step when choosing a roof. Both types of shingles are very budget-friendly and available in many different colors. Installation of either fiberglass or organic shingles is relatively easy to execute, keeping labor costs more reasonable.

Fiberglass shingles are not as heavy as organic shingles. For this reason, they are slightly easier to install between the two options. Fiberglass shingles are more fire retardant because of the mat is made from fiberglass versus paper. The fiberglass shingles are not quite as durable as organic shingles and are also less effective in extremely cold temperatures.

On the other hand, organic shingles include more asphalt and are built for more durability. They weight a bit more than fiberglass materials and, they may be little more expensive but not by much.

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Organic shingles have a paper-based mat, hence the term "organic." Organic shingles tend to have the same lifespan as fiberglass. Usually all asphalt shingle roofs are expected to last no longer than 20 years.

Roofing is most commonly priced by the square. The cost varies by location, manufacturer and retailer. Different products include different warranties with some manufacturers even offering lifetime warranties on their products. Asphalt roofing is generally considered to be the most budget-friendly on the market. Material costs do not include the cost of installation, which is most often also quoted per square. Lower quality materials are on the market at an even lower cost. For this reason, discussing budget and materials with a roofing professional is very important.

A few other differences between organic and fiberglass shingles are that organic shingles will curl and warp easier as a result of the mat material absorbing water more easily. Installation of organic shingles tends to be more difficult as well. Discussing the budget, maintenance concerns and overall thoughts on a new roof with a professional is most definitely an important first step in the process.

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