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A roof is a significant investment no matter what type it is or in what location it is based. One thing is true of all roofs, and it is that they can be very expensive, so when getting a roof, every homeowner should know the options they have available to them to protect their investment. While the roof can go a long time without incident, things in life rarely go according to plan, and it is always best to have a safety net for just such an event.

When it comes to warranties, the most common type is a manufacturer's warranty. Any Davis roofing company will confirm that manufacturer's warranties come included with almost every type of roof installation. Technically, a manufacturer's warranty isn't a warranty for a roof but for the materials it is composed of. It is frequently known as material defect coverage and it will usually only cover the cost of new materials. It may occasionally cover the labor cost of installation as well. Keep in mind that these type of warranties usually have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, as this amount of time is the typical lifespan of most roofing materials.

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The real type of warranty that most people are familiar with are installation and workmanship warranties. These are offered by contractors and cover work performed typically for a period of 1 to 5 years. Be sure to closely inspect warranties that include terms like "lifetime" or "30 years." Warranties will very clearly define what these terms mean and whether or not they can be transferred. For example, "lifetime" can often mean the expected lifetime of a roof or while the home is owned by the original purchaser of the roof, rather than the original purchaser's lifetime. This also doesn't mean that someone can be covered in the event of buying a new house with a preexisting roof warranty. Many warranties carry specified transfer clauses that the warranty can be transferred to one addition owner, given that the new owner informs the contracting company within a certain time period after buying the house.

Lastly, all homeowners should be on the lookout for certain factors that may void a warranty. Warranties can be voided by antennas and satellite dishes, pressure washing, poor installation or ventilation, or installing a new roof over an old one. As preposterous as many of these situations may sound, they do occur and can leave a homeowner footing the bill for an otherwise avoidable situation.

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