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Building a new home from the ground up allows the future owner control over every detail of form and function. High quality materials and construction will produce a structure that will likely outlive the owner. When it comes to protecting this investment, a top quality roof is critical. Davis roofing experts will cap the construction with a roof that is both stylish and durable. Choosing the right contractor is a big step in the right direction, but there are a few elements top quality residential roofs include of which homeowners should be aware.

Valleys are the area where two slopes meet at an interior angle. These areas channel an enormous amount of water off the roof. Due to the amount of water flowing over these areas, they need to be one of the strongest parts of the roof. Many roofing installers will cover the valleys with additional layers of waterproof underlayment on the decking. The extra protection these membranes provide will ensure a water tight seal for years to come.

Another area where even the best looking roofs are weak is around walls or protrusions. A protrusion can be a chimney, vent or anything else that passes through the roof. These areas where the roof runs into vertical surfaces are easy places for moisture to find its way past the roofing material.

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Preventing potential leaks can be aided by applying underlayment similar to the valleys. On walls, it should run a few feet up the wall behind the siding to ensure any moisture trapped behind the siding runs out onto the shingles instead of under them.

Flashing is not flashy, but it is perhaps the most important part to get right. Flashing comes in metals, like copper or aluminum, and it can also be made from synthetic materials. It is installed at any protrusion and provides a rigid surface to direct water out onto the shingles. Even with ample waterproof underlayment, properly installed flashing is necessary to ensure water stays on top of the shingles rather than running under them and ruining the decking.

Last is the drip edge, which is installed around the bottom edge of a roof to prevent water from running back up under the shingles. Without a good drip edge, water can slowly seep under the edge of shingles causing the wood beneath to rot. This can go completely unnoticed until the gutters pull loose from rotten fascia boards.

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