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Before and after hiring professional roofers to do repairs, homeowners typically have plenty of questions. This is common since they want to protect their houses, which are typically the biggest investments they will ever make. Davis roofing experts are there not only to answer all the questions homeowners have but also to make sure that the jobs are done correctly.

One common question that homeowners don't know the answer to is how they can recognize when their roofs have problems. Oftentimes, roofing problems go unnoticed until they start to leak, but serious damage has likely occurred by that time. This is why professional roofers recommend that homeowners get their roofs inspected at least twice a year. The best times to do this are during the spring and fall so that roofers can inspect and remove debris at the same time. Since debris buildup on roofs is most common during these times of year, these are the perfect times to knock out two birds with one stone.

Homeowners often wonder what roofers look for during inspections. Some are under the impression that they only look for problems with the roof covering. However, the contractors also look for problems with the flashing, seals and other roofing materials.

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This usually involves checking downspouts and gutters for visible signs of clogging or wear as well. They will also look for other signs of wear such as discoloration or cracked paint. Since homeowners often paint dark roofs light colors to prevent energy from being absorbed, cracked paint can lead to higher energy bills.

If homeowners discover that their roof needs to be replaced, they are often confused about their options. Roofers provide two services that homeowners can take advantage of in this situation. The first is to tear off the existing roof coverings and install new ones. This usually involves replacing the roofing deck as well. The second option is to do re covers, which involve building the new roofs directly over the old roofs. Certain city building code requirements don't allow re coverings, but professional roofers will be able to inform homeowners if this is the case.

Some homeowners also have questions regarding what to do about leaky roofs. Many homeowners are under the false impression that leaks mean their roofs have to be completely replaced. This is not always the case since leaks can come from damaged flashing, cracked seals or certain shingles that may have become damaged or loose. However, homeowners should keep in mind that once 20 percent of their roof coverings need replacement, it usually becomes cheaper to have them entirely replaced.

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