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The roof is one of the most important aspects of the home. Besides being among the most visible parts of the home's exterior, it functions as a vital barrier from the elements, so it's vital to choose an experienced and highly skilled Davis roofing expert with a good reputation to ensure that these common roofing mistakes are avoided.

One of the major mistakes that low quality roofing companies often tend to make is covering old shingles instead of replacing them. This usually applies when the shingles are damaged. When new shingles are placed on top of the old ones, it creates several areas where dirt and moisture can collect, which can cause damage and deterioration to occur much more quickly than it should. Homeowners should ensure the contractor removes all old roofing items before installing a new roof.

Another roofing mistake is the reusing of old flashing. Flashing prevents moisture from seeping into the home through vulnerable areas such as skylights, chimneys and roof valleys. Even if the old flashing may appear to be in good condition, reusing it may result in future problems. A homeowner should talk to the roofer to ensure that the old flashing is removed before replacing it with a new one to reduce the risk of wearing down.

The third mistake that commonly occurs in roofing maintenance is improper moisture protection.

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Although shingles play a vital role in diverting and deflecting moisture from the roof, it's important to install proper moisture protection underneath. The moisture barrier protects the decking from rain and moisture sources such as ice and snow. A high quality moisture barrier should be installed to protect a roof from moisture.

The use of incorrect fastener length tends to lead to problems down the road as well. When the nails used to fasten the shingles are too short, there is a high risk of the shingles loosening. This can result in the shifting of the shingles and premature repairs and replacements. Every homeowner should ensure that he or she uses nails that go well into the decking to prevent shifting or displacement of the shingles afterwards.

The final common roofing mistake is the incorrect placement of the nails. In addition to the length of the fastener, nail placement is vital to the integrity of the roof. Improper placement of the nails can cause serious structural problems. Rather than leaving the nail heads exposed to the wind, sun and moisture, the roofer should place the nails underneath the top layer of shingles. This will prevent them from corroding, which can eventually lead to holes in the shingles.

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