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Identifying the source of a leak is necessary to stop it, but as homeowners discover, this can start out as a guessing game. The slowly expanding circle of moisture on an interior ceiling could be due to many issues, including leaking pipes inside a structure. Once other culprits have been ruled out, it's time to get someone on the roof.

Professional Davis roofing companies fix leaks regularly, so they know that where water seeps in can be very different from that spot on the ceiling. The majority of leaks occur at points where the roof is purposefully open. These penetrations are common, and they're created for special jobs, like installing skylights and venting appliances.

Penetrations can be difficult to seal properly, even by the professionals. Homeowners looking for a leak should inspect these areas first and use caulk or another sealant to close any small gaps.

A missing drip edge can allow moisture and even pests into a home. These metal components extend past the lip of the roof and lead water to the gutters. If the drip edge is damaged or removed, water can slide in between the roof sheathing and fascia or straight to the ground where it can pool near the foundation.

Sometimes, it's not the drip edge but the gutter that's the problem.

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Gutters and downspouts should be free of debris, and water should run through them without any blockage. They should also be secured against the house and be placed at an angle to encourage water to run in the right direction. When one of these things goes awry, the gutters can dump water back onto the roof or onto the ground, leading in both cases to water damage.

Finally, flashing can slip, be blown out of place or be sealed with the wrong kind of product. Flashing is regularly used around roof penetrations and places where roofs and walls meet.

Of course, at the first sign of a spot on the ceiling, a trip to the attic is necessary. Homeowners should check for leaking pipes first and then check for open windows. The insulation should be checked for water damage. If damp insulation is the culprit, homeowners should make sure the attic is ventilated properly.

A leaking roof can cause a lot of damage, but homeowners may need some help finding the source. If an inspection of an attic or the exterior of a home doesn't identify the problem, it may be necessary to call in a professional.

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