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Clay tile roofs are among the most popular roofing systems installed all over the country. They are renowned for their attractive appearance and their low maintenance requirements. These rooftops are particularly popular in tropical and warmer climates, though they may be suited to just about any application. While these rooftops do not have particularly strict maintenance requirements, Davis roofing specialists will still encourage homeowners to inspect them and prepare to do a little bit of maintenance roughly once every three or four months.

Because these tiles are made from fired clay, they are prone to cracking and leaking. Any maintenance procedure begins by inspecting the roof and making sure that tiles do not have any structural damage along their surfaces. If the homeowner should notice a cracked or broken tile, it is vital to have it replaced immediately. The best ways to inspect tiles is by walking a distance away from the home and inspecting the rooftop from afar with binoculars. Because of the shape of these tiles, they are not recommended for walking upon. Homeowners who walk on top of their clay tile roofs may risk injury or further damage to the tiles.

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Because these tiles are very durable, they can last a long time against harsh elements. They are naturally waterproof and are further sealed to increase their ability to produce water runoff. Some homeowners may even choose to have sheathing preparations made to create better insulation within their attics. All of these benefits may be at risk if the homeowner does not act on cracked sections of the roof immediately. In addition to cracking, these roofs might become stained or develop mold and moss. To handle the appearance of such unwanted elements, homeowners are strongly encouraged to wash the tops of their roofs.

One of the easiest ways to keep the clay roof looking clean and spotless is with a power washer. These devices are designed to be safe and easy to use. It has a motor and nozzle sprayer that directs a jet of water directly over the surface. The high water pressure helps break down dirt and grime, making it easier to wash off. However, homeowners should avoid using the sprayer too close to the tiles, as it may damage them or cause them to break away. A solution of dish detergent and warm water can also be enough to remove most dirt and staining from tiles, with a sealant solution available to prevent future mold from developing.

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