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When it comes time to replace the gutters, there are many things to consider. One of the most important elements is the weather. Some gutter materials can deal with the extremes of heat and cold better than others. For example, aluminum gutters are a popular choice due to their affordability. They are lightweight and simple for a Davis roofing contractor to install.

Many homeowners prefer them because they come in a large assortment of colors and are easy to match to the home's design, but they will require more maintenance than other types of gutters. Since aluminum is soft, it dents easily. Ladders and falling branches from nearby trees can cause them to warp out of shape. They also have a tendency to crack or split.

Galvanized steel gutters are more durable than aluminum since they are made of steel, but they have to be painted regularly. If water is allowed to stand in the gutter for any length of time, the zinc coating will wear out in spots, and then the gutter will begin to rust.

Vinyl gutters are also a popular choice. Available in a variety of colors, some types come with leakproof seals. They are a great choice for warm climates since their construction allows them to expand and contract as weather conditions change.

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Vinyl doesn't rust. It resists rot, and it does not have to be painted or sealed, but in colder climates, vinyl often becomes brittle. It will not be as durable as steel or wood.

While copper makes the ultimate gutter due to its resistance to rust and lengthy lifespan, copper gutters are mostly used when restoring older homes to their original beauty and charm. Available in seamless or half round styles, their drawback is price. They can cost up to twice as much as vinyl or aluminum gutters. For that reason, homeowners looking for extreme durability often turn to stainless steel instead. While stainless steel gutters are not cheap, they are more affordable than copper and will last as long as the house.

The best gutters are the latest seamless styles. These gutters are customized to fit the home's design and architecture as they are installed. Their largest selling point is fewer seams and, therefore, fewer places for them to leak, but their seamless appearance also adds curb appeal. Most seamless gutters come in aluminum with a baked on sealant, but they can also be made from steel or wood.

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