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When simple roofing repairs are no longer practical, homeowners have to choose between a re-roofing or a complete replacement. While both options will result in a roof that's new on the surface, there are differences between the two procedures that homeowners should be aware of when working with a Davis roofing professional to determine the best option for their specific roofing needs.

While re-roofing tends to be a more desirable option for homeowners since it costs less than completely tearing off and replacing an old roof, it's not always the best choice. Roofing over an existing roof doesn't provide the same level of security offered by a complete removal and replacement. However, if a homeowner has a roof system that is in fairly decent shape aside from shingles that need to be replaced, re-roofing tends to be the better option.

If a homeowner has maintained their roof over the years starting from the point the original roof was installed, they should have records of inspections, regular maintenance and repairs. Such documentation can be used by roofing professionals to help a homeowner determine whether or not it makes sense to opt for re-roofing rather than a replacement.

For homeowners uncertain of the history of their roof, a replacement tends to offer more peace of mind.

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Without a verifiable history of inspections and repairs, there's no way to determine the integrity of the underlying roof structure. The only exception is clear signs of damage below the current roofing surface like telegraphing or obvious sagging.

A homeowner may want to factor their immediate and future plans into the decision making process. For example, a homeowner planning to sell their home in the near future may want to opt for the installation of new shingles over the existing roof rather than a new installation, as long as the underlying structure seems sound.

If a homeowner spots cracked or missing shingles, leaking in the attic after a heavy rain or stains along interior walls, it's likely that there are other roof issues that won't be resolved with a re-roof. Issues like rotten fascia or soffit can usually be repaired without the need for a complete replacement of the entire roof as long as no further damage is observed during a thorough inspection by a roofing contractor. If further damage is suspected, then a replacement makes more sense.

Should a homeowner have any doubts about the integrity of their roof structure based on an evaluation by a roofing professional, the general recommendation is to opt for a replacement rather than a re-roof. However, if a homeowner has clear documentation of their roof's history, a new layer of shingles can be an affordable alternative to a new installation that can still enhance a home's overall value.

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