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Basic asphalt shingles remain the most common type of roofing material installed on homes in North America. Nevertheless, there are numerous other options on the market, and many of the options offer advantages that other roofing materials do not. When choosing a roofing material for a new home, the process is relatively straightforward because the structure is simply prepared for the material of choice. When installing a new roof on a home that already has one, that process is a bit more complex.

A roof structure is prepared to support a particular kind of roof, and some conversion may be required when transitioning from one roofing material to another. A homeowner can limit those conversion costs by remaining within the same material family. For instance, a Davis roofing company can often install architectural asphalt shingles on a roof that previously supported typical three tab asphalt shingles at no additional cost. The architectural shingles are thicker and somewhat heavier but not enough to change the requirements.

Weight can be a significant factor. Depending on the design of a home, it may require additional support in order for the roof to bear the additional weight.

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A slate roof can be expensive to begin with, and those costs can rise dramatically if the framing requires additional support. If considering a roofing material that is substantially heavier than the current material, a first step should be an inspection by a professional and then a discussion of the pros and cons of that kind of upgrade.

Another consideration is underlayment, which is not always required. Depending on slope, it may be required for some areas of the roof but not others. Likewise, depending on material, it may not be required at all, or a thicker layer may be necessary. The labor and material costs associated with underlayment are not insignificant and should not be overlooked. Note that underlayment requirements are not always obvious. Slate roofs, for instance, require very little at all, and many professionals recommend no underlayment with proper installation.

When installing a new roof, switching from the existing roofing material to a new roofing material can have many implications. These implications are not necessarily bad points, but they are factors that a homeowner should be prepared for. For this reason, it is always a good idea to schedule a professional roof inspection prior to making decisions about a new roof. A skilled, experienced inspector can highlight the implications of material choices and give the homeowner the necessary context.

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