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Homeowners are beginning to realize that they have more options beyond the traditional sources of energy used to power their homes. These homeowners are increasingly turning to alternative sources of energy, and one of the more popular options involves the installation of solar roof tiles. These tiles provide a number of benefits to homeowners and can be installed by the homeowner or with the assistance of a Davis roofing professional. As long as the panels are installed correctly and connected to the utility grid, the homeowner can enjoy several positive outcomes through the use of solar power.

Despite the numerous advantages that result from the installation of solar roof tiles, many homeowners are concerned with the manner in which these tiles are attached. Solar roof tiles are lightweight and are able to interlock with the majority of concrete roof tiles, so they are therefore capable of being seamlessly integrated into an existing roof structure without compromising any aspect of the roof's construction. The panels are designed in such a way that they are durable and require very little maintenance while also featuring color patterns that keep the tiles relatively inconspicuous for aesthetic reasons.

As an investment, solar roof tiles offer several positive outcomes for homeowners who install a solar system. Aside from reducing the homeowner's reliance on energy sources that can be both costly and lacking in terms of environmental friendliness, solar systems that are connected to the utility grid allow the homeowner to sell any excess power back to the electric company so that the homeowner is the one being paid by the electric company rather than the electric company being paid by the homeowner.

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The fact that solar power is a sustainable energy source that is freely available and clean is another added benefit.

Solar systems can be added to just about any roof so that it blends with the existing architecture and does not adversely affect the roof's structural integrity or its ability to function as it should. While every home is different, solar systems are typically viewed as both a long term and short term investment. How much energy the system produces will depend on the amount of sunlight the tiles are exposed to and the manner in which the tiles are oriented in relation to the sun. Some systems will produce an immediate return on investment while others may take longer for the savings to be realized, as there is a variety of factors that come into play when determining how much power is generated, how much energy can be sold back to the utility company and how much the reliance on other sources of energy is reduced.

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