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Metal and wood roofs have many things in common like the use of flashing, energy efficiency and ease of installation. There are some differences that property owners should be aware of before making a decision about which product to use for a home or business. These differences help property owners decide how much value they can add to a building, how long they want the roof to last, and what style suits their property the best. Davis roofing experts can help property owners with any questions they have about roofing materials.

Metal roofs have many important benefits like energy efficiency and ease of installation. Wood roofs are great at blocking heat transfer. Either material helps property owners save money on yearly energy bills. Both products are easy to install compared to fiberglass or PVC, but wood is heavier than metal. Metal panels can be placed on the top of some existing roof materials, depending on the soundness of the structure. To install a wood roof, a company must first tear off the old roof, which can add costs to the overall budget.

Metal is more expensive than wood because it is much more durable. Metal roofs are expected to last as much as 50 years where a wood roof may only last 15 to 25 years, depending on maintenance. The great thing about metal is that when it is installed on a house or business, the owner does not have to worry about maintenance.

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Wood roofs require much more maintenance and supervision than a metal roof. This can be a downfall for some property owners. The decision becomes whether to pay the cost for metal upfront or buy the wood and pay additional fees for preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

Metal panels offer better fire protection than wood, but wood shingles and roofing materials are rated for fire safety too. Metal can be painted to reflect most of the sun's rays to keep heat from penetrating the roof. Metal tends to release snow and ice better in the winter since the surface is not porous. Moisture cannot penetrate metal like it can wood, so property owners have to use a good sealer to make sure the wood is weatherproof.

Both metal and wood roofing materials offer property owners a wide range of benefits, but it all comes down to the upfront cost and how much maintenance the owner is willing to put into a property. People who have the time and finances to maintain a wood roof can get a more elegantly styled roof while people who choose a metal roof can have it installed and forget about it for decades.

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