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With proper maintenance, it can be easy to make asphalt shingles last as long as 30 years. Higher quality shingles may even last upwards of 40 years when homeowners pay close attention to the state of their rooftops. Davis roofing experts will always be able to provide a new installation or replacement, but with proper maintenance, homeowners can make their rooftops last longer, saving themselves money by postponing the need for a replacement. Individuals can perform the following tasks roughly every three or four months to help keep their rooftops clean and structurally sound.

All rooftops will regularly collect debris over the length of their life. Seasonal debris such as leaves and other bits of garbage can collect along the surface of the roof and behind chimneys, HVAC units and pipes. It is important for this debris to be removed on a regular basis so that the resulting water buildup does not contribute to the deterioration of the shingles. Things such as moss and algae may grow along the surface of the shingles as well, contributing to the problem. These formations will need to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent water damage and weight from wearing down on the roof. Zinc or lead control strips may also be applied to the roof to help with the growths.

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Homeowners should always check the roof's flashings to make sure that they are not structurally weak. It is recommended for care to be taken when climbing onto the roof, and once the safety equipment is ready, individuals should inspect the flashings as carefully as possible. These are strips of metal that are set between shingles at the roof's joints to prevent water from seeping into the home. By watching out for cracks and moss, individuals will be better equipped to deal with long term problems.

After the flashing has been inspected, homeowners are strongly encouraged to check the shingles themselves. If there are any tabs that may come loose, it is important to inspect their condition to see what is wrong. If the shingle itself seems to be damaged and in a bad state, a total replacement may be necessary. If the shingle seems to be fine but comes loose anyway, the problem may be with the fastenings. Finally, all homeowners should make sure to check their gutters and see if the water is flowing properly from the roof through the downspout. Debris and structural damage may result in poorly functioning gutters that will need to be replaced.

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