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The invention of asbestos back in the 1930s changed the construction industry for years. Home designers and the manufacturers of roofing materials found that asbestos served as a good form of insulation to keep buildings warm and that the material lasted much longer than wood and other popular materials of the time. Asbestos also did a good job of halting the spread of fires and reducing the risk of fires ravaging homes on those with gable roof designs as well. That all changed after the federal government discovered that asbestos was dangerous back in the 1970s. The government prohibited designers and manufacturers from using asbestos in any form. Davis roofing companies know that some local homes still have some shingles made from asbestos and can help homeowners decide if the asbestos should come down.

It is impossible and often illegal for homeowners to climb up on the roof and begin tearing down asbestos shingles. Most cities and counties have regulations that state only licensed contractors and other professionals can handle these types of jobs and that those professionals must apply for a license first.

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In addition to a license, the contractors must also fully explain the disposal process and list where and how they will dispose of any shingles they find and remove.

Though many people think that asbestos is something they should remove right away, the only time contractors must remove the asbestos is when it shows clear and evident signs of damage. This increases the exposure that the homeowners and their families have to the material, which can make them sick, exacerbate any breathing problems they already have or develop serious medical conditions like cancer. They can apply a thin coating of water to the shingles, which coats the asbestos fibers and prevents those fibers from coming loose and flying off the roof. Contractors generally wear protective gear while removing or working with asbestos shingles.

Sealing the asbestos is a popular alternative to removing the shingles. Contractors can apply a coat of sealant that dries to a clear and durable finish. A simple coat of this material prevents the asbestos from breaking apart and can extend the life of the shingles. This also ensures that the fibers bond together and to any other materials in each shingle. Sealing the shingles is more affordable than removing the shingles. Homeowners may also need to pay a small fee to have professionals come out and test the roof to ensure the shingles contain asbestos before working with a contractor.

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