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A new roof made from slate tiles can cost an area homeowner more than five times as much as a roof made from more common materials, such as three tab asphalt shingles. Nevertheless, many Davis roofing professionals as well as real estate agents, insurance appraisers and home inspectors recommend it. Each of these professionals may have different reasons for the endorsement, but slate tiles do offer many advantages over the long term.

Many real estate agents like slate tiles because they offer a lot of curbside appeal, and curbside appeal is an important asset when seeking to take advantage of local market conditions. Slate is different from other roof types in that it adds an additional selling point to a home. Sellers can often recoup the installation cost of a swimming pool when selling a home, and slate roofs often offer a similar advantage. Synthetic slate is also an option. It can have great aesthetic appeal as well, and although it may not bolster resale value, it is considerably less expensive to install.

Insurance appraisers who recommend slate roofing often do so because slate requires little maintenance. Slate stands up well in bad weather. These roofs are not prone to losing shingles, and the regular minor maintenance required with many other roof types is not required for slate.

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Nevertheless, homeowners must be aware that slate tiles do not hold up well when walked on, and this can be a concern if a non roofing professional needs to walk on the roof.

Home inspectors tend to like slate roofing for the longevity. Outside the risk of walking on them, slate roofs stand up very well over time. While a roof made from architectural shingles may last five decades in optimal conditions, it is nothing for a slate roof to last 100 years or more. That means that many slate roofs outlast the people who purchase them and are the only roof a home ever needs.

Slate roofs are not the right choice for every homeowner and every home. The initial cost is significant, and there are additional costs to consider when converting to slate from another roofing material. However, the total cost of ownership is usually lower and, if applicable, the return on investment is usually higher. While the initial cost may just not be practical for some, a common option is to finance the slate roof in order to offset that early burden.

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