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Davis Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Fiberglass Shingles

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When it comes to choosing the right shingles for a home, most homeowners know that durability is important. Regardless of what type of roofing system a homeowner chooses, it is going to be a big investment. Making sure that the shingles they use on their roof will be able to offer quality protection for many years can help offset this big expense.

While roofing shingles are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal and the traditional asphalt shingle that is so commonly used across North America, shingles are also available with a fiberglass base. These fiberglass shingles offer a number of advantages, but they aren't right for every home. A leading Davis roofing contractor can help homeowners determine the shingle that is most suitable for their home.

One of the biggest advantages that fiberglass shingles offer is their exceptional range of design styles. These shingles are manufactured in a wide variety of colors as well as various designs made to replicate the look of everything from expensive slate tiles to wood shake shingles. The variety of color and design choices ensures homeowners can find a shingle that will look aesthetically pleasing, regardless of their home's architectural style.

Older style asphalt shingles were typically made using organic materials for the base or mat.

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These mats were then soaked in asphalt to provide an effective measure of waterproofing, ensuring the singles would be able to protect a home from the elements. Of course, the asphalt layer also helped add durability to the shingle.

While these shingles served their purpose for many years, there were some drawbacks. Organic materials could become saturated once there was any type of breach in the asphalt layer. This could cause the shingle to swell and breakdown, resulting in leaks and rotting of the roof decking.

Fiberglass shingles are made with fiberglass threads woven throughout the base mat. Some fiberglass shingles use two layers that are joined together with a sealant prior to the application of asphalt. The advantage with these fiberglass shingles is that they are much more resilient and won't absorb water, eliminating the problem of swelling. Additionally, fiberglass shingles are lighter and more durable than their older counterparts.

As an added benefit, fiberglass shingles are one of the most affordable roofing options available. Of course, fiberglass also offers a higher level of fire resistance, making these shingles a great choice for just about any residential or commercial property.

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